Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walking Team and Skating Update

In case you are curious about the walking team thing...  Yes, I'm still doing it...  And somehow, I got nominated as team captain...  Huh?

I was not expecting that.  I am by far not one of the best walkers on our team.  I am not one of the most motivated walkers on the team.  In fact, I had considered not even doing it.

However, as with most things, I hate doing anything halfway.  Especially if I am supposed to be a leader.  So I've got no choice but to kick my butt in gear.

We have 3 teams of 8 people.  My team is currently last and has been since day one.  This makes my job harder.  Not only do I have to kick my own butt but now I have to kick other people's too.  Great.

Enter the Toe Tokens.  My daughter's school uses these for Mileage Club and they are sooo cute.  So I did a little research and found the company that sells them - Fitness Finders (out of Jackson, Michigan no less - love supporting a Michigan business!).  So everyone gets a display chain and anyone who reaches the goal for the week (currently 70,000 steps per week) gets a toe token to add to their collection.

 Since I'm a list person I've also been doing a spreadsheet analyzing where we are each week compared to other teams and compared to how we did last week.  And I started a map.  Here it shows our progress for each week - we started at Michigan's Capitol.  We think we can make it to Houston by the end of this week (Sunday).

This all means that I have to do my share too.  I was one of only 2 of us who did not earn a toe token last week.  I know - shameful, isn't it.  So last night while I really wanted to curl up on the couch and zone out in front of the TV for a couple of hours, when the kids went to bed I turned on Property Brothers and did a half hour on my thigh strider (kind like a stair stepper) and cranked out another 4,000 steps.  And I actually felt better - not only because I made my goal but I also just felt better.

And in case you wanted to see how the kids are coming on their skating - this was taken last weekend.  Little Dude is skating with his hockey stick and handling the puck like a tiny little NHL-er and my Princess is finally getting comfortable with pushing right off and now she's working on swizzles and turns.  I'm glad they are enjoying it and really putting themselves into it all the way - I'm trying to study up on that part myself.

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