Friday, May 11, 2012

Handmade Mother's Day Cards

I was sooo excited to find this floral packing tape at the drugstore the other day (I know, I don't get out much, right?).  

I love to save the fronts of beautiful cards and keep on hand scraps from other projects.  They come in handy for the kids to use in their crafts but also for making handmade cards for special occasions.  I keep a shoe box handy with all my generic cards, colored scrap paper, envelopes, blank bookmarks, stickers, ribbon scraps, 3D stickers, etc.  Then when I am headed out the door and suddenly remember I forgot to stop for a card (this happens to me a lot...), all the supplies are ready to pull one together.  

This is also where double-sided tape comes in handy - neat edges and no dry time...  The last thing you really need is a neat pair of scissors with a decorative edge to turn straight edges into pretty things.

So last night I pulled out the box of supplies and set to work making handmade Mother's Day cards. 

I ended up with a wide variety of colors and shapes.  You can see at the bottom where I've done something on the inside either along the side or across the bottom as well.

Even the Mr. got into it after my daughter bet him that he couldn't make a card...  Don't ask what's going on with the fringe...  By the time he was done he described the card as having a lot of "features" (whatever that means).  Now that he did make a card, the bet has turned into whose card is better so she's making hers tonight.  Better defined by her means prettier - defined by him it means the number of tricks it can do...  The rivalry is such that I'm thinking about disappearing for Mother's Day...

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