Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Spring Garden Pics - Snowballs, Columbines and "Edibles" Planters

I do so love to wander the garden in the evening and take stock in what is going on.  Spring has some of my favorite flowers, including my magnificent snowball bushes and the cheery columbines that line the driveway side of my house.


Ms. Marble keeping me company.

The fairy herb planter on the deck - I keep this one full of edible that the kids can sample.  Right now we've got chives, lemon thyme, sage and nasturtium seedlings just popping up.  Above is another "edibles" planter I made from a crate my dad gave me.  I used a dollar store cat litter tray and cracked some holes in the bottom for drainage.  It is full of lettuce, spinach and spring onions.

 Such a sweet kitty...


Ashley said...

Our snowball is blooming like crazy now too - there's still a tinge of green but I suspect that by the end of today or tomorrow morning they'll be brilliant!

Lissa @ her + him said...

beautiful trees! love when trees bloom. found you via the blog hop xo