Thursday, May 29, 2014

You Know You're a Hockey Mom When...

Well he might only be 5 but it seems like my son has already been playing hockey forever.  And we are now fully immersed in hockey life as a family.  My daughter still enjoys playing at puck 'n' stick sessions but has decided that the intense schedule hockey requires would prevent her from pursuing other interests and be too much stress with her schoolwork - I'm proud of the maturity that decision shows.  But my son is totally obsessed with hockey in any form - that whole eat, sleep, play hockey saying - its no joke for him.  Even when we aren't at the rink, hockey seems to be present in some form.  I've heard many other hockey parents over the years that my brother has played talk about the unique life of a hockey family.  

So to all those hockey moms and dads (and siblings too) - here's an ode to you...

You Know You're a Hockey Mom When...

Friday, May 23, 2014

A surprise hidden in our fern

We had a couple of frosty nights last week so I brought our new hanging baskets into the garage overnight.  I didn't notice at first, but the next morning my daughter pointed out that a large nest had been built in the fern that hangs closest to our redbud tree.  I carefully hung the basket back up where it was and it survived the second frosty night just fine under the protection of the tree.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our New Fairy Garden

One of the things I love about the yard at our new house 
is the shady spot along the south side of the house. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colorful Plant Markers/Garden Bling

Aren't these fun?  
This little bouquet of brightly painted plant markers/garden bling
 were the presents we gave this year for Mother's Day.  
Anyone recognize what they are made from?  
Yup, old canning jar lids!  
I always have canning jar lids that are dinged or scratched 
and can't be used again for canning, but I hate to throw them out.  
I used hot glue to add rings to a few to make them more "flower-like".  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Life is a Rose

My great-grandparents had an affinity for roses.  My great-grandma also had a love of quotes, poetry, and writing in many forms.  When she was limited in her physical abilities in her later years, she spent many hours studying her bible, reading Reader's Digest and writing notebook after notebook full of poems jokes and little stories she found that held her fancy.  When I was younger we spent long summer days reading those poems and stories together and discussing the meaning of them - both the obvious and the more subtle.