Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and the Tussie Mussie's Full of Flowers

My Mother's Day started with the rare chance to sleep in a little while the hubby dealt with getting the kids settled in with a morning snack and cartoons for a bit, then I enjoyed a lovely breakfast in bed cooked by my handsome hubby while I lazed with my coffee and the latest Countryside Journal...

Then we all headed out to play in the yard with the critters and the garden.  I decided to tackle the fairy garden which needed weeding badly (my hands are so cramped up today).  Here's a few pictures of how it started out and tonight I'll take new pictures of the progress.  It still needs a heavy load of mulch so that will be on its way later this week now that the beds are ready.  A truckload of mulch with some manly muscle to help spread it is one of my favorite Mother's Day gifts - although my daughter informed her father at bedtime that she did not think that was a sufficient gift.  I'm looking forward to some really nice gifts as she gets older, haha!

The one thing missing from my tussie mussie post was the finished product full of flowers waiting to be delivered to the grandmas and I wouldn't want you to miss such a lovely finished product so here they are full of the bright, cheery posies my princess picked from our yard on the way to make the rounds on Sunday afternoon.

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with the parent-in-laws who had just returned from a winter in Florida and several of the sister- and brother-in-laws (did I mention my husband is one of 12 siblings - yes that is a dozen not a typo...).  We sat in the sun chatting while the boys played football and the girls hid in the secret garden behind the garage.  My mother-in-law gave each of us girls an herb plant - my daughter picked basil to add to our collection.  

Then we stopped off at my mom's and interrupted her yard work - where she thanked me for teaching her that it was OK to spend the day to herself doing what she enjoyed rather than hosting 50 people (wait a minute...I said that...hmmmm...).  

Hope you all had an enjoyable Mother's Day too!

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