Monday, May 21, 2012


I think its important to be involved in our communities and I try to be involved when I can.  Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours with a group of moms from our daycare planting new flower beds to help improve the "curb appeal".  This particular daycare is a former elementary school that the daycare and before-and-after school programs were moved into during consolidations.  While the daycare does fall under the school district, it is a self-funding program so the small "wants" of the program are not typically covered by the district's budget.

Instead, we all pitched together divisions of our perennials and a load of free rock from a local farmer. The daycare did buy mulch and landscape cloth from its small budget.  A few hours of labor and the finished product is something that already has gotten the attention of the families and community.

We hope this little project will help make the program more attractive to families looking for a fun summer camp option for their kids as well.  The school-age group of kids will be planting a veggie garden and we donated several kinds of herbs for their area as well.  Just a small way to help the program and make the community a little more beautiful too.

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