Thursday, May 31, 2012

My First Feature and a Thank You!

I am sooooo excited and honored to join the list of featured projects at Michelle's Tasty Creations!  Please go take a look at all the wonderful projects and recipes shared at Michelle's Creative Thursday Link Parties - lots of great ideas and fun blogs to discover there.  Thanks so much to Michelle for featuring my glass vase project inspired by my great-grandpa!

A big welcome and thank you to my followers!  I am so pleased to meet each of you and hope you enjoy the blog.  If you are a regular visitor but are not sure how to follow beyond bookmarking my page, there are several ways you can join.  Check out the options in the right column - connect with Google Friends, Google+, Blogger, use Linky Followers (its free and simple way to follow the blogs you love), subscribe through the RSS feed buttons or the email option to get updates right in your email box.  If you have a Twitter or Pinterest account, you can follow me there too - the Twitter link is at the top of the left column of the blog.  When you follow me using any of those options, you help me out a ton by showing others that I have regular followers, showing me how you prefer to visit the site and get your content, and you also help me see what topics you all want to see the most so I can make sure I continue posting comment you enjoy.

I am so very happy that you have visited and commented and enjoyed what I have shared.  I hope you'll stick around and continue sharing my adventures - I'm just getting started!

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