Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garage Sale Fun

Lucky girl that I was this weekend I had time after planting at the daycare to hit the citywide garage sales for a couple of hours and I found lots of fun little things for a steal!  Starting with the blue school desk for $2 - we debated painting it but decided is has charm the way it is and my daughter wants to use it on the porch for the summer for sketching in the shade while she overlooks the field.
Remember the elephants at work?  Check out this cute little guy - he's headed straight to the office before the Princess steals him from me...  And that little enamelware bowl with no dings for 50 cents will be great for party dips.
The Pyrex mixing bowl had not a scratch on it.
Love these adorable butterfly napkin rings - looking for some ways to use 
those but they'll be perfect for summer tea on the porch.
 Just some little odds and ends - I'm thinking the teal wire will be great for the new fairy tree.
A purse, rust-colored damask tablecloth and a woven headband for the Princess.
A cute little crate I've already turned into a deck plant holder for a quarter.
 This mold will be perfect for disguising the spot where our bedroom ceiling has always been messed up around our ceiling fan...
A cute little series of outdoorsy paintings to take to our cabin...

And this chair...I think I'm going to paint him.
My total for the day was about $30 - love it!

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~Kristin~ said...

Love the desk! And love the idea of your daughter sketching in the shade!

I am a garage sale lover myself!
I don't have much time for it, but love the thrill of the hunt...