Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adorable Tussie Mussie's Mom will Love

These cute little tussie mussie's are made from the fronts of greeting cards and a little ribbon.  Fill them with flowers or Mom's favorite candy for a sweet little gift she'll love.  Very easy for the kids to make too.

Take your decorative scissors and trim along the two long edges of your card.

Then trim your short sides at an angle so that one long side becomes shorter than the other.

Place a strip of double-sided tape along one of the short sides.  Roll into a cone shape.  Use a hole punch to make a string hole near the top edge.

You can also make two holes for a handle or multiple holes along the top and weave a ribbon or string for a decorative effect.

You can use a variety of ribbon, stickers, paint, etc. to them up.

 Fill with a bouquet of fresh picked flowers from your garden.  If you want to transport them or ensure they stay fresh longer, use a small florists tube tucked in the bottom of the cone to hold water for them.

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