Monday, July 23, 2012

Lots Going On Around Here!

Good morning, all!  Welcome and thank you to all my new followers and visitors - and to those who are sticking with me.  :)  Lots of lovely friends - if you have left me a comment or followed me I have visited your site and followed you.  I've been trying to make the rounds to all the fun linky parties - whew, who knew there were so many!

Here's a sneak peek at fun and yummy things I'll be blogging about this week:

The dudes needed haircuts badly so my sweet girl and I had some girl time Saturday morning to hit the farmer's market and get our errand-running done.  We scored a very nice haul and made a deal for some work at home in exchange for the handmade bracelets she wanted.

My hubby decided it was a good time to tear apart his snowmobile for some summer maintenance.

Here's mine - ah, love my "helmet time".  Just me, myself, and I in there for as long as we are on the trails.  :)

We grilled out and had an early little bonfire complete with smores...and ended up in a water fight after dear daughter dropped the hose right on its handle and it sprayed daddy and I...good times.

My folks had gone to a huge hockey equipment sale with JD to see what deals they could score and came back with new skates, gloves and real hockey shorts for Little Man.  He was sooo excited and they wanted to see his reaction so we went over Sunday afternoon to check out the goodies.  My step-dad and hubby tackled repairing the axle on our snowmobile trailer (it broke on hubby's way home from the last ride of the season this year).  So they worked in the shop while JD got Little Man all fitted into his equipment.  Once the excitement wore off Little Man crawled up on my lap and passed out for over an hour.  I had a lot of fun watching my brother help my son get everything adjusted just perfectly and Little Man loved trying it all on.  Now the test will be tomorrow night to see if he can actually skate with the padded pants on, hahaha.

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