Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

These are the only fireworks I'll be seeing today but that's OK. Its over 100 degrees here in Michigan today and we haven't had anything that qualified as real rain for weeks so it is way too dry. My parents did take the kids to some local fireworks last night while we met up with some friends to sweat it out at the beer tent. Today everyone is too hot and crabby for any of the fun activities we were hoping to do - but hey, on days like today a good nap is just as exciting!

My little guy made these cool little "fireworks in a bottle" at daycare on Tuesday and has carried them with him everywhere. I'm thinking it would be fun to freeze and used to keep cool too. Just a  small water bottle, water, glitter, pipe cleaners and curling ribbon. Fun and easy.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and thank you to all who fight to keep our freedom and those protecting us at home as well. God Bless America!

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