Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting To Know You (I Mean Me)

Since I haven't gotten into many stories about family yet, I thought I'd take part in the Getting to Know You link party.
Getting To Know You

1) How many siblings do you have and what are their names?

I have 4 brothers - we are a blended family.  I have one full brother - JE, two step brothers - K & K, and one half brother - JD. (Not using names here just because I haven't asked them if they care that I share potentially embarrassing stories about them with the world, lol.)  I also have 10 million in-laws who I totally love and adore but that's another post.

2) What is the age range among the children in your family?

I am 18 years older than the youngest.  The oldest 4 are all 2 years between each sibling but then came baby JD after the families were "blended".  Both my mom and step-dad always wanted another baby but their spouses didn't so when they married and got us all used to each other they decided it was time for #5.  He is the most awesome kid and totally the favorite of all of us without any jealousy.  Being born when I was 18, I feel like I'm in that great position where he is sorta like my first born but I get to be like the cool aunt when it comes to the fun stuff.  You might think it would be awkward with the age gap but actually he and I are very much alike so we kinda "get" each other and are great friends.

3) In what ways are you like your siblings?

My youngest brother and I are very much alike (partly because we are wired the same and partly because he is the only one still home so he thinks more like an oldest).  JE and I have a lot of the same values of friends and families and we share a lot of humor.  We also both like to write, are very short and more than slightly accident-prone, lol!

4) In what ways are you different from your siblings?

K & K are very, very different - partly because they were raised differently and partly because they choose to be.  They are very removed from our family (as in, every time their names come up my kids ask who that is) and generally pretty detached from society where the rest of us are very outgoing and social.  

JE takes things as they come.  In some ways he has lived much more life than I (he was a Marine and has seen and done things I can only imagine) and in other more basic ways of life he is very naive.  He is much less serious than I and while he likes to write like me, for him it is a lot more work as he is dyslexic.  

JD is much more athletic than I.  He plays hockey and didn't start until later than most kids and caught right up and made the varsity hockey team as a freshman.

5) What is the craziest sibling story you've got?

Oh boy, I had to think about this for a while.  Grossest food story no contest - when the 4 were home after school we used to come up with dares on what gross stuff the boys would eat and one time we made K#1 eat a chocolate chip cookie with ketchup and mustard on it.  Biggest whopper - JE told us one time he saw a buffalo in a tree.  He was very insistent, lol.  Really happened - JE once shot a raccoon in the ear (yes, ear) with a recurve bow and a little wooden arrow with a practice tip.  Lots of crazy stories that happened to JE & I at various crazy babysitters until I turned 8 and my mom decided I was more responsible than most of the adults they'd found for daycare so we started staying home alone.  More on that another day. :)  Funny overreaction - once JE swallowed a penny when we were home alone.  I was about 8 or 9 and he was around 5-6.  I had taken American Red Cross safety classes many times and learned CPR and the Heimlich so naturally I panicked and started doing the Heimlich on him - even though he was not choking and the penny was long gone down his throat.  After a whole bunch of squeezing I called my mom and explained what happened.  I'm sure she was laughing and telling all her coworkers after we got off the phone but she somehow managed to explain that it was OK as long as he was talking and breathing fine.  I asked what would happen with the penny and she explained about it coming through the other side...good Did I mention JE and I used to shoot our recurve bows all the way from the back of our yard across the road into the neighbor's old barn...ahem...yeah we had a lot of fun...  We'll just leave the adult sibling stories out of it for now... ;)

6) Any treasured memories or routines you shared with your siblings?
Our favorite tradition that started when JD was born is the making of gingerbread houses. Funny to say it is the boys that keep that tradition alive and it is the only time of the year that we usually end up seeing K & K.  JE even tries to make his trips home so that he doesn't miss that time.  It is something that gets the conversations going and takes away any awkwardness there may be.

7) What are your siblings' best talents?

JE is a very caring person - he is the wounded-bird-healer.  He makes friends fast and he cares deeply about making sure everyone is taken care of, especially women and children. He has the best smile.

JD is smart as a whip and once he really sets his mind on a goal it will happen.  He is also great with kids - he still lets my daughter (who is like a little sister to him) hold his hand and give him hugs in public even though he is entering his sophomore year in high school.

K#1 is very smart and taught himself to play electric guitar by ear.

K#2 has a great sense of humor and has become a great elementary teacher.  He is also a wonderful cartoonist.

8) You and your sibling get to share one perfect meal.  What is on the table?

I'm not sure what K & K would want but I know JE & JD would vote for my venison roast.  JE asks me to make it every time he is in town and JD comes over and eats it often.  Mom's apple crumb pie would for sure be there for dessert - hands down.


Cat said...

What a fun family! My sis and I are 13 years apart so I understand a little. And the gingerbread house idea is so good! I'm totally making it a tradition with my kids when they're old enough. Thanks so much for linking up - so good to get to know you!

Nay said...

Thanks so much for linking up! And I've always wanted to gingerbread houses with the kids - maybe I'll start it too!

Unknown said...

Hi! Just stopping by from the sibling link up! I love that you have a big family! I always wanted brothers! :) Nice to "meet" you. Have a great week! :)