Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day $1 Bucket

So its Saturday morning and you are thinking about just making breakfast for "dad" tomorrow and calling it good.  Well, here's an idea you can run out and do today and he'll think you planned far ahead.

I love to put together gift assortments - bags, baskets and in this case, buckets.  I start by choosing a theme. In this case, I decided to do a "superhero" theme.  My husband loves Superman (and even looks a little like Clark Kent) and my little guy loves all superheros.

I started at the Dollar Tree and found a great royal blue plastic bucket container.  They had lots of different sizes and styles that would work just fine.  I also found an assortment of "superhero" items.  Glow guns - of course I had to get an extra gun and a butterfly wand for the kids because they'll want to play with dad.  

I found some superhero candies, a SuperMan Pez dispenser, SuperMan and Batman gummy suckers, and those expanding towels with Spiderman and Batman on them.

And every superhero must have his favorite foods for energy, right?  So I rounded up some of hubby's favorite snacks - jerky, spicy peanuts, nutty bars, hot pork rinds, Snickers...  I also threw in a few other "dad" things like microfiber towels for polishing his motorcycle, travel size body care products and hand warmers for keeping stashed in his "go" bags for hunting and snowmobiling, an aluminum water bottle and spray bottle, and a glass beer mug.  Again - all from the dollar store.

I found this great printable over at Cherished Bless (she's got some other great Father's Day ideas too!) and printed it on a shipping label and affixed it to the side of the bucket.

I lined the bucket with layers of red and yellow tissue paper (to complete the SuperMan colors).  And layered in the goodies.  Finished picture to come shortly.

You could do this for the Grandpa's too.  Some other theme ideas?  Hunting, baseball, football (you get the idea), cars, gardening, tools, grilling, garage "stuff"...  You could use lots of different containers depending on your theme - I did a grilling theme a couple of years ago and used a tall clear Rubbermaid container with a lid so he could keep his big grill tools out of my kitchen once they were washed and store them on the rack under the grill.  And the size and expense is flexible depending on your needs - I've done them for anywhere from $10-$40.  

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Debbiedoos said...

Well what Dad would not love this sweet little bucket!~ Awesome,thanks for sharing.