Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally... Fairy Day Pictures!

I can't believe its been a month since we went to the fairy day at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm already.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!
The back of the dress and wings Grandma made for her.
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And from the front.

Three generations.

The children's garden.

These awesome little mushroom houses are made with flower pots or stumps topped with a circle of plywood covered with spray foam.

This is how the tops of the new mushrooms look at first.

See the giant one in the back?  That's how they age in the sun and rain.

Storytelling in the children's garden.

Little Man prefers the water fall.
Cool "secret" gazebo made from an old corn crib.

A really cool way to use old glass bottles - this was made
with a big pipe at the bottom and welded rebar  branches.

Look - she can fly!

Look Great-Grandma - we found a frog!

Look closely - see the fairy ladder?

Fairy houses.

A big fairy - breathtaking.

Everything you could need for a fairy garden.

Fairy "tree houses"!

The main attraction.

She could have looked at this for days.

The dry creek bed.

A fountain made to look like a giant stump.

Little Man was getting hot.

A fairy chalkboard in the making.
The sample is the one at the top left corner of the picture.

Fairy garden planter craft.

More garden pretties.

Headed out!

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