Monday, March 12, 2012


This weekend was all about renewal.  I have a renewed spirit after spending the day on Saturday at the horse expo (and a birthday party).  I got to see Sharon Camarillo and Donna Irvin give an excellent barrel racing clinic.  Donna has the long hair on the left and Sharon is on the palomino standing broadside.
My kids were both so good and fascinated that we were at the expo from 10:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.!  The Princess has horse fever for sure and Little Man thought the cowboy mounted shooting was very exciting. Sunday as we recovered from the time change we went to a local favorite diner for a leisurely breakfast and grocery shopped and bought seeds to start. The weather was beautiful so we all took a walk in the woods to scout for shed antlers and other treasures. I managed to scavenge a mossy branch, some broken pottery, a couple glass bottles and Little Man found a turkey feather!   While the kids napped I spent some time brushing the mud off my own brumbies (yes, "The Man from Snowy River" is one of my all time favorites!) and the Mr. took the first cruise of the year on his motorcycle.  This morning there is a fresh rain and a little Claritin was needed as things are starting to turn green. What a great weekend and I'm ready to dig in to all the spring projects!

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Amanda M. said...

Fun weekend, i haven't seen that movie in ages, however i can guarantee that I still know it word for word!