Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Inconveniences are Blessings in Disguise

I was feeling put out yesterday because of a minor inconvenience that threw my whole schedule for the afternoon off kilter.  Then the Lord served me a reminder that sometimes I need to trust his plan - I narrowly missed not one but two serious accidents on the freeway in an area I have to pass through every afternoon.  The first happened just a couple of minutes before I went through - first responders were just arriving and the man looked seriously hurt but according to news reports will be OK.  The second happened a few minutes behind me as the traffic backed up due to the first accident - that one ended up being an 8 vehicle pileup but, thankfully, no one was injured.  Had I been traveling this area at my normal time of day, there is a great possibility that I could have been in that pileup.  Had I not sat so long at the stoplight that seemed to take so long I might have been in the first accident.  My great-grandmother liked to tell us a lot of stories about trusting "The Master's Hand" and I guess he felt that I needed a reminder yesterday.  So today through my frustrations I will trust that He has a plan and a reason.

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