Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day Fun Snack Mix

Got this awesome snack mix recipe Pot O Gold Chex Mix  through the Betty Crocker's Dinner Made Easy email newsletter (which I love!).  The Princess helped me out.  We actually made 3 batches.  Two following the recipe exactly - one for her class and one for our family dinner on Saturday.  The the third we left out the peanuts and the sauce mixture for Little Man's class since some of the kids are still very young and its not known about allergies they may have.  Tasty!

My helper breaking the pretzels.  This was a great hands-on chance to practice her math skills (multiplication, division, and fractions) with having her measure and figure out how many measuring cups full we needed of each ingredient since we were making 3 batches.

This is the beautiful final result.  The coating is like a caramel sauce but dries pretty well so its not too sticky - like caramel corn.  We elected to just load each batch into gallon ziploc bags to make it easier to take to school.  One batch is a very full ziploc.  Some people on the Betty Crocker site indicated problems with the marshmallows melting but I had no issue with that.  I did make sure to only microwave 1 minute at a time and stir between each minute - this gives the mix a few seconds to cool back down and may have made a difference with the marshmallows.  The cereal can be a bit pricey but I don't mind using store brand cereals and nuts and that can cut your cost to make this in half.  If you are a brand lover, subscribe to the newsletter in the above link and you get a ton of great coupons on General Mills brands.  A large box will make about 3 batches of this recipe.

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