Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Cake

Try this fun Easter cake with the kids - The Princess and I made this last year.  We just made a simple sheet cake (the kids picked a sprinkle cake) and white frosted the whole cake.  The we rounded up supplies from the cabinets for decorating - lots of flexibility here.  We used coconut (dyed green with food coloring) for the grass, jelly beans as eggs, packaged cotton candy for the sheep and clouds, Chex cereal for the basket, and a chocolate egg we broken in half for the chick's egg.  The rest of the details were gel piping - piping is not my strong suite.  Tip:  Don't decorate until a couple of hours before you plan on eating this and keep it in the fridge - otherwise the cotton candy and Chex absorb moisture from the frosting.  The green dye may also leech into the frosting.

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