Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fairies in Flight

One of our favorite mother-daughter places to visit in the spring is Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, MI and their May Day/Faerie Festival event at the beginning of May.  A day of pure girlie-ness, sunshine and all things garden.  Four generations of the women in my family take advantage of the occasion.  The gorgeous gardens are beginning to emerge - full of magic and fairies of all shapes and sizes.

Fairy dress is encouraged and they have "real" fairies to lead the fairy parade to the May Pole where a great photo op and slightly hilarious and totally confusing attempt at braiding the May Pole ribbons is attempted by dozens of visiting little munchkins in fairy attire.

A wonderful lunch is available on site with edible flower salad, chicken salad on croissants, and fairy cake.  Fairy workshops are held for a small fee that covers the cost of the materials and provide great hands-on activities for kids and adults with cute take-homes such as small Faerie Gardens and Faerie headpieces.  Here is my little fairy from a couple of years ago in a beautiful fairy gown my mom made (this has become a tradition between the two of them to create or find a gown that can be used for Easter and Fairy Day).  I can't wait for this year's photo ops!

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a Happy Life said...

This is such a lovely tradition!! I am a mother to 4 boys and have no chance of attending something like this!! I will have to wait for granddaughters! :-)