Thursday, August 1, 2013

Turn an Old Trunk into a Cute Side Table

This great little trunk was something I found at a garage sale a few years ago for I think $2 and just couldn't resist.  It had already been painted a very pale yellow but was generally in good shape so I had high hopes for it.  I started painting it a pale green but got distracted and never got back to finishing - spray paint is becoming my new best friend!

I found this awesome periwinkle blue color and thought it would be just the thing to paint this trunk. Originally I was thinking my daughter could use it as a storage trunk tucked in the corner of her room for storing books or doll clothes.  The more it came together (and the brighter pink the new paint in my daughter's room looked...) the more I started to think this would make a great little night stand next to her bed and add a little contrast to all that pink.  I started with an overall coat of the periwinkle on the main areas of the trunk.
After this dried, I spent my time watching Big Brother carefully taping the edges so the metal strapping and hinges could be spray painted - next time - I'll remember to tape newspaper over the parts I don't want painted...
I didn't realize just how much over-spray happens...
However, when I peeled the tape I decided I kinda liked the affect of the solid lines and the extra dimensions this happy accident gives to the trunk.
So I went with it.  And I decided to use the same sort of trick (notice that it has changed from being a horrible mistake to a new trick up my sleeve...) to do a cool effect of adding my daughter's name to the top of the trunk.
I started by taping off her name.
Then I used a light hand with the spray paint at some distance to make wide sweeping strokes.  This added another layer of flecks to the surface without being too dark overall. Once the tape was peeled off the letters stood out from the background.
I had these old wooden legs with hardware that came off an old coffee table (anybody remember those Formica topped soft tables?) so I spray painted those with the bronze to match.
And my handy hubby drilled holes in the bottom of the trunk and mounted them for me.  I thought it turned out super cute and my daughter loves it.  (Excuse the picture - its been raining outside since and we aren't quite ready to take it to her room.)  Its the perfect size for a lamp and a few things next to her bed.  For now the inside remains untouched but there is always the option of lining it so it can be used for dolls or other important items.  What do you think?

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