Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hello sweet friends!  I have so much to tell you and show you but have not had a free hand to take pictures and type it all up for you yet.  

Exciting news is that the house is COMPLETE (well, as complete as any house ever gets) and it is beautiful.  Carpet was laid yesterday and it was totally the icing on the cake, the topper on the wedding cake, the cherry on the sundae and more!  

I've got a kitchen backsplash to show you, you haven't seen the new floor in the fireplace room, there is an awesome hand-painted mural of Jimmy Howard (you Red Wings fans will drool!) that my brother is working on, the carpet, a hutch with a great back story that I'm working on refinishing, window coverings, and much more ground to cover.  

I've been tackling sorting one area at a time with the mindset that if I don't love it, use it, wear it, or its broken - out the door you go.  Which feels great but takes time and results in the old house filled with piles of stuff waiting to be able to move to the new house or haul away.  

We expect to finish moving by Labor Day so you may not hear a lot from me until after that but expect a blitz of posts once we are done!

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