Monday, August 5, 2013

Farmers Market Friday on Monday! Who are the Vendors?

Did you miss Farmers Market Friday last week?  Well, the USDA is celebrating National Farmers Market Week all week long so you'll probably see lots about farmers markets around the country this week.  If you are looking for a market near you, the USDA has a list of over 8,000 farm markets across the country in their searchable directory.  The directory even contains information on what products are offered and what types of payment are accepted.

So who are the vendors at your local farmer's market?

The young farmer - selling sweet corn 
who wants to expand on the business his grand-dad started decades ago.
The talented baker stay-at-home mom 
who enjoys sharing her tasty treats with others.
The veteran and his wife who clip flowers from their own garden 
and arrange them in reclaimed vases from the cemetery.
The housewife who enjoys knitting potholders and sewing hand towels and aprons.
The orchard owner looking to diversify 
by selling preserved goods made with his orchard produce in the off season.
The line worker with a home wood shop who crafts shelves and coat hooks.
The grandmother who loves to cook 
but doesn't have the kids at home anymore to eat all those goodies.
The Amish family looking to extend their small country store's business.
The teenage girl learning to make bead jewelry.
The local school bus driver who raises hogs and poultry on the side.
The secretary who sells handmade cards.
The mother and daughter struggling to communicate 
who found togetherness in decorating cakes.
The avid gardener with divisions of perennials to spare.
The 12-year-old entrepreneur 
who learned to whittle sticks into flowers and figurines.
The beekeeper whose hives did well.
The librarian who makes great smelling soy candles and handmade soaps.
The guy who extends his time in the woods after hunting season 
with his maple syrup hobby.
The nurse who makes cheese and fresh yogurt 
from the milk produced by her husband's dairy herd.
The short-order cook who experiments 
making homemade seasonings and marinades after work.
The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Brownies 
selling their fundraiser popcorn and cookies.
Next time you visit a farmers market, take a few minutes to reflect on the folks around you and the impact they have on your life and the impact keeping your business local can have on theirs!

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