Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update on the Call for Prayers

I am happy to report Grandpa is doing well despite taking a terrible fall (he says he did not fall - he was knocked off by the shop door).  He underwent hip surgery and surgery on his nose and did very well through both.  He was transported yesterday to live-in rehab in our hometown.  We are blessed that this place is very highly rated and just so happens to be on our way home from the kids' daycare so it will be easy to visit him.  We were not expecting him to be able to make that move until at least another week from now.  His spirits are very good and he is doing all that he can do get back to healthy.  He has been remarkably tolerable of all the hen-pecking and fussing of all of us.  :)  He is very appreciative (as are we all!) of all the kind thoughts, well wishes and especially prayers that have come from all directions.

I am also pleased to tell you that the sweet little baby I asked for prayers for is also still holding his own.  His momma and daddy with the help and support of those they know and those they have met through this experience have come to a place of peace with his journey no matter which direction it takes.


Full Circle Creations said...

Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear your Grandpa is doing so well.

Daws said...

Glad your Grandpa is doing well. I had to laugh at the hen pecking comment. My grandpa would complain about it, but you knew he secretly ate it up!