Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New House Reno Update - The Living Room

One thing I love about the new house is that we will now have 2 living rooms.  This means that the boys can hole up in the fireplace room near the food and access to the back deck with the guys and my daughter and I can hide away from the noise and snuggle up in this cozy "library" living room.  

This room didn't need a whole lot of work compared to the rest of the house except this ugly hole from their TV mount.  
I picked this warm "Retro-Colonial Blue" for the walls and accented with the "Silver Leaf" on the trim and around the window seat to brighten it up.  It is just a shade darker than the "Royal Gray" I used in the dining room.  
Again hubby was able to fix the gaps around the edge of the floor by adding quarter round to the bottom of the trim. 
There is no wired lighting in this room.  This ugly hole was a hook for a hanging lamp to be pulled into a wall socket - the nearby wall socket is wired to a light switch so I'm excited at the possibilities of lamps and such to light the space in the evenings.  Hubby patched and painted the ceiling and replaced the hook with a new one and now that its painted I am on the lookout.
The redbud in the front needs a substantial amount of pruning and once that is done it should allow a lot more light to come in to this room.  I'm looking forward to next spring with the fuchsia blooms showcased in the window against the blue of the walls.  
I plan to get an assortment of cushions for the window seat (there is a nice little spot underneath to hide away extra pillows and throw blankets) and I have a feeling this will fast become my little bookworm's favorite place to snuggle up with her chapter books.   

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