Monday, June 24, 2013

Farmer's Open-Faced Sandwich

What do you eat for dinner when your 4-year-old throws such a bad fit in the middle of the grocery store that you have to leave with nothing and take him all the way home even though you know you only have what you bought at the farmer's market in the house?

I scrounged up this tasty open-faced sandwich.  My daughter and husband loved it - the little guy isn't crazy about tomatoes unless they come in the form of ketchup so I just made plain eggs and toast for him.

I started with thinly sliced tomatoes that I heated with salt and pepper in a small frying pan.  Then I took this this gorgeous loaf of dilly bread.  I buttered and fried both sides.  I spread the top side of the dilly bread with mascarpone cheese and added a couple of the tomato slices.  Then I fried a couple of eggs with a bit of salt and pepper until they were over-easy and added them to the top of the bread slices.

The tomato added a little zip, the dilly bread had a wonderful herb-y aroma and the mascarpone and egg had a wonderful creamy richness.

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