Monday, June 10, 2013

New House Reno Update - The Dining Room

I am soooo pleased with the reno on the dining room at the new house - it is exactly as I had pictured it in my mind.  Here's a before look!

The light fixture got a redo with Rustoleum Bronze Spray Paint and new glass light covers and has a whole new personality.
I love the affect of the bronze on those old gold light fixtures largely because it doesn't need to be perfect - any spots where taping wasn't perfect or the gold shows through the paint job just add to the "rubbed" look.  The glass globes were found at Lowe's for under $8 each.  Right now its zip-tied out of the way so taller folks walking through don't get whacked in the head.  The ceiling got a coat of Valspar White Ceiling Paint and Primer in One.  One coat over the old was all we needed as it gave excellent coverage even with the textured ceiling.
This broken window got replaced by a local auto glass place that also does other odd glass jobs.  Because it is a double pane window that is vacuum-sealed, they had to send it out for about a week so we boarded it up.  The total cost for that was about $78.
The walls are the color "Royal Gray" which is a nice smokey blue color - also the Valspar Signature in satin finish.  This room took just exactly a gallon to do two good coats and I would challenge anyone to come find an overlap line or spot where the coverage is not even.  So far, all of the Valspar paint has been exactly the color I expected it to be and I have not had any problems with color differences between gallons.  The Signature paint goes on nice and thick the first time and the second coat has just been a touch-up coat in most instances.  The texture is rich and thick and considering that every wall in this house has had patchwork, this paint has done wonders at masking flaws and creating the evenness we were looking for.  It does go on slightly lighter than the dried color so if you are testing colors, make sure you let it dry fully before you make your selection.
Hubby added a strip of quarter round to the bottom of the trim to cover these gaps where the flooring was not cut properly.
Then we painted the trim with Valspar Signature paint in the color "Silver Leaf" in a satin finish.

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