Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New House Reno Update - 1st Floor Bathroom

Oh how glad I am to see the transformation on this black hole of a bathroom!  It has come such a long way and we are very happy with how it has turned out.

It started with a missing shower stall, damaged walls, a door with a hole kicked all the way through and broken and missing trim around the room.

Its amazing what just adding a shower stall can do...

Thank goodness for friends who are plumbers!  My husband's buddy has been bailing us out on plumbing things for years and together they did a bang up job on this bathroom.  They drywalled and spackled and caulked this baby back into shape.  Hubby even got the new walls and patched spots to match the rough textured finish of the old walls dragging an old stiff paintbrush through the spackle.

The trim got replaced in all the places it was broken or missing and then got stained.  We chose Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut to use in another room and loved it so much it is slowly spreading to other projects, including this room.  It goes on evenly and easily and gives great coverage in one coat.  This cabinet was unfinished so we decided to try the stain on it as well and love that it really highlights the dark threads in the countertop and makes it look more rich.  We are still missing a medicine cabinet with mirror for over the sink.

A new door with new bronze hardware completes the look.  The door will be painted in a glossy white.

The paint is Valspar Signature paint in a satin finish and the color is "Winter Calm".  I chose this particular shade of sort of plum gray because I was concerned about the dark red and the terra cotta in the laundry room (that will also be painted the "Winter Calm") potentially bleeding through even though we did a coat of primer.  I had no need to be concerned because the quality of the Signature paint is awesome and even on these rough walls provided great coverage and there is no sign of the red left at all.  Even so, I do love the color and even my hubby and his guy friends doesn't seem to mind that, as they say "its purple" LOL.  It does photograph more lavender than it appears in person.  The color toward the bottom of the picture of the vanity is more what it looks like in person (I really gotta take some daytime pictures!)

So happy this is no longer the "black hole" of bathrooms!


Nicole said...

Great job on the redo!

Jessica McCort said...

Great work!! We've been doing the same stuff over this way. Good luck as you continue:)!! J