Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make Your Own AG Doll Purse/Tote

My great-grandma was a sewing queen.  Having lived through the Depression, she could make fabric scraps into the most fabulous and unique doll clothes.  We never felt like we had less because we couldn't afford the "real" doll clothes from the store, we thought we were cool because we had things that no one else could even get.  She didn't leave the boys out either - she made my brother a boy doll and made baseball hats and accessories like a little faux leather jacket and silver glove like Michael Jackson.  This little purse/tote was inspired by her.

I started with a crafting felt square and cut a strip about the width that I wanted the purse.  (This purse is roughly 2.5" wide by 3" tall.)  Then I folded it in half with the fold acting as the bottom of the purse.  I pinned along the two side seams.  Then I used a couple of pieces of a coordinating ribbon and pinned them into place as the straps.  
I used a tight zigzag stitch to sew the purse handles into place first (later this will be hidden on the inside).  
Then I sewed the two side seams.  
Flip the purse inside out and push the corners out well.  You could add a decorative ribbon or paint a design with fabric paints on the outside if you wanted but I liked letting the sparkle in the felt (they don't show in the photos but it has strands of glitter through it) and ribbon do their thing.  This project took about a 4"x4" square of felt, a couple inches of ribbon and about 15 minutes.

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Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Super simple! I need to start working on my basket full of 18" doll projects!!