Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Projects Sneak Peek...

Hope you are all having a joyous time with your holiday preparations!  Here's a sneak peek at one of the many projects I've been working on.  This cute little football shirt is for my little football fan since he will only wear sports shirts right now and I made a couple for the cousins as well.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and it was originally posted by Shirley at The Ribbon Retreat - I did make a couple tweaks.  

Also underway in the sewing area, American Girl doll accessories for my daughter including a sleeping bag, a felt quilt and a skirt.  
On the list of projects for the weekend - converting my daughter's wooden doll bed to an American Girl doll canopy bed, homemade Kahlua according to this awesome recipe posted by Michaela at An Affair From the Heart, and lots of baking!  I have lots of baking recipes to share but the other gift projects won't be posted until after Christmas Day so I don't ruin any surprises - its getting harder and harder these days!  

We had a wonderful Christmas party with Santa and Mrs. Claus last night at the daycare and my Little Man was so cute going up to Santa while holding hands with his sweet little girl friend.  They posed so nicely for pictures and he told Santa how much he wanted (yet another) hockey stick for Christmas and how he liked chocolate milk. Santa said he likes chocolate milk too so we spent the ride home discussing whether we should get store-bought chocolate milk or whether Mommy should make special chocolate milk at home with the syrup.  Too cute!  I treasure these days!

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