Thursday, December 20, 2012

Make Your Own AG Doll Sleeping Bag

Least you think I have not been very busy, I'll let you in on some Christmas presents I have been working on for my daughter.  At 9, she is in the full swing American Girl doll obsession.  It isn't often that I splurge on such extravagant purchases for my children as a real American Girl doll but when she was 7 it was an unexpected good year and Santa took matters into his own hands and brought the doll of her dreams that looked just like her, including glasses.  This was important because she had gotten glasses and really was beginning to enter that phase of self-consciousness and insecurity that she had never had before.  The doll has provided her with an image of her own beauty and she loves all the hours fussing over the doll and taking her places.  While she understands we can't really afford the things in the catalog to go with her doll, we have been very successful in finding things to go with the 18" doll that she loves including handmade outfits and accessories.  So this year as she is between that little girl and tween stage, I decided some fun new things for the American Girl doll were in order.  I started with this easy sleeping bag that she can use for the doll's bed or when we travel with her.  
This piece of felt is 24" wide and 20" long.  I folded it in half so it is 20"x12" and pinned the bottom and side seam together.  
Then I sewed it with my machine on a zigzag stitch leaving a 6" opening on the long side.  

This leaves room for my decorative top edge and makes it easier to get the doll in and out.
I turned the sleeping bag right side out and folded down the top 2" along the top. 
I took a 2" wide ribbon and pinned it along just the front edge flap and tucked it under at the edges.  This particular ribbon had the wire edges but you could use regular ribbon too.
I sewed along the bottom edge of the flap first using a blanket stitch.
Then I sewed along the top edge.  The flap is not sewn to the main part of the sleeping bag so it can still be unfolded.
I took a coordinating small ribbon and sewed it down the center of the ribbon flap for added decoration.  Because the ribbon was so narrow I just used a straight stitch right down the middle and then ironed everything smooth.  The whole thing took about half an hour and since this was all leftover from previous projects it didn't cost me a thing.  More items to come and more pictures of the final products with the doll will come after Christmas morning.  I am really excited to see what the Princess thinks of it.  :)