Saturday, September 1, 2012


I just want to thank you all for helping me continue to grow this blog.  I look back at where I started just a few short months ago and I feel like we've come a long way.  I appreciate so much all of your comments and feedback and I look forward to continuing to meet new friends.

Lots of 6's in the numbers this little project has reached - over 6,000 visits to the blog, over 60 GFC followers, almost to 60 Pinterest followers, 175 Twitter followers and over 200 posts.  For all who have visited, shared, commented and/or followed - thank you all so much.  If you haven't taken a peek at my Twitter and Pinterest pages, I do post and share content there that you won't find here at the blog so be sure to take a look.

I just realized there are a few pages that I had on the blog as pages until I moved my tabs to the top and they no longer show.  I'll be working on re-posting that content so you don't miss on the party and recipe ideas that were on those pages.

My daughter's birthday is coming up and she starts 4th grade on Tuesday so I'll be wrapped up with projects related to those this weekend.  I hope to have many pictures to share with you on all that next week.  Have a beautiful day!


Unknown said...

Congrats on your blog growing!

Happy September!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Ms. Morgan said...

Congratulations on so many followers. I've just started following you on Twitter and Pinterest - can't wait to see what you Pin! :)

Hope you can stop by and enter the Labor Day Giveaway I'm hosting.
Happy Blogging.