Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Will Never Forget

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I was reminded today by a friend who was there, that we all experienced 9/11 a bit differently.  For her, it is not a day of honor but it is people that she knew, a tragedy that she survived, comrades that were lost.  Those people she honors and remembers every day.  The hoopla that surrounds the anniversary date stirs up harsh unwanted memories.

For me, it was a knot in the pit of my stomach that grew as the day progressed.  I remember being at work when the first plane hit and racing to turn on televisions and pull up news feeds online.  Then, as we watched live, the second plane hit and we were all sent home.  After checking in with my husband and mom, I raced home to sit glued to the TV as the news continued to pour in about the plane at the Pentagon and the on in Pennsylvania.  My friend was in the Pentagon.  I sat for hours with the phone in my hand awaiting a call from my friend's mother telling me that she was OK.  As the news grew more and more frantic and gruesome and reports on the terror attacks became more defined, the implications for my brother began to set in.  He was a Marine sitting at Camp Pendleton just a few months after finishing boot camp.  I was terrified about what this might mean for him.  I felt powerless to do anything for any of them beyond praying.  

Then the images and messages of support around the country began to play.  Everyone I knew did every patriotic thing we could possibly think of.  Every flag in the area was put proudly and defiantly on display.  Everyone asked people around them if there was anything they could do to help them.  Yellow ribbons and red shirt Friday's appeared.  Songs of strength and pride began to play on the radio.  And it made me feel even more pride in this country and her people.  

No matter what your feelings about this day, whether you were there at one of the sites or home praying for those who were, remember that it is tragedy that brings us together and makes us stronger and emotions that make us human.  Honor those who were lost, honor your country, your community, your neighbor, your friends, your family in your own way and treasure every moment you have together.  God Bless America!

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