Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School Today

It really doesn't feel so much like back to school today.  I guess a good part of that is because summer camp for the Princess is held by the same place as the before/after school care so our routine in the morning doesn't really change so much.  Although I did have to get up a few minutes earlier to pack lunch and take a few pictures.  And there was the thing about the outfit she wanted and the hair...  I'm guessing the back-to-school thing will really hit tonight when she comes home with a list of more things she needs and dates to remember and homework...

Its the first year she isn't really excited to start school.  In part because last year was a LOT of math and she does not like math even though she does just fine at it - my Princess is a reader.  And in part because she sees most of her friends at summer camp and has so much fun with them there that she doesn't really miss most of them in the summer.  But she still had a good attitude this morning and was ready to go on time (no small feat since she is not a morning person).
I always take a picture of them at the start of school by this door -
since she started preschool and was shorter than the door handle...
Then the remnants of Hurricane Isaac reached us and the rain started pouring buckets as we reached the daycare parking lot.  Of course, my umbrella was in my closet at work...  The daycare has been undergoing some renovations and they aren't quite finished yet so the awning is missing.  So I grabbed Little Man and his backpack and made a run for it thinking the Princess was behind us.  Apparently she had issues with the truck door because she kept pulling on the handle right when I would hit the button to unlock it.  Eventually she made it out.  Her backpack was baptized and it was raining so hard her hair clips fell out.  We made it in the door only to be shocked by an inch wide stream of water just inside the door - courtesy of a hole from a bolt they must have removed when they took down the old awning - we all let out a shriek as we got hit in the head and down the back of the neck by an abundance of cold water...  The kids both shouted "That's not even nice!"

After taking a minute to wipe the rain and hair out of our faces, we pulled it together enough to take a couple pictures of the kids and they even managed to look somewhat happy.  They gave each other their hugs and kisses and "love you, have a good day!"  Then as we walked to his locker, Little Man began to cling to my leg with a sad face saying "I don't want you to leave me..."  Ugh...believe me...I do not want to go either...  So we go in his class with his blanket and stuffed puppy and see his little best buddy L who is happy and raring to go today.  Little Man is having none of it but picks a corner to snuggle up and nicely gives me a hug and says goodbye while I tuck him in.  *sniff*  A Tuesday that feels like a Monday...
They wanted pictures of their backpacks -
they are not in trouble, lol.
Then I'm off to make sure the Princess is settled in and immediately spot that she has smuggled in the very item I told her not to bring...  After confiscation, I tell her not to let it ruin her day and to have fun with her new class.  I know she will have a great time because our former neighbor who she had her first crush on will be in her class this year, along with several of her friends from summer camp.  And she is very excited because this is a new school building to her and it has a lot of features she is really excited about like the huge library.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  Although it is so strange to see my little girl who used to fit in the crook of one arm off to 4th grade. *sniff*

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