Monday, April 16, 2012

Want to Walk With Me?

Every once in a while a group of us at work get inspired to hold a walking contest so our latest one starts today.  Typically this is a great time of year for me for a walking contest because with our annual work convention and my usual participation in the March of Dimes walk at the end of April I can really rack up the steps.  This year, our convention is near my hometown so no extra walking back and forth from the hotel and convention center to restaurants, etc.  And I had decided not to do the March of Dimes walk this year as I had personal things I wanted to focus on and being a team leader and fundraising is a lot of work.

These walking contests are a lot of fun but I've also taken off up to 15 pounds at one time just doing a 6-8 week walking contest.  (Although I've tended to put that back on over the course of the winter - not good I know.)  A spring walking contest falls at a great time to get inspired about a change in diet because its usually the start of good fresh produce in our area and I'm busy in my own garden.  I found that there are pedometer apps for smart phones that are free or very cheap.  I'm testing one right now and want to compare it to my pedometer for accuracy.

I've become a Celebrity Apprentice fan this season and saw the show featuring the "Walk with Walgreens" program and decided it was a good time to check it out.  The online tool has lots of great features - I love that when you aren't using a pedometer you can pull up a map and the tool will calculate the steps for you.  So far I've only been logging actual specific walks I've taken - starting today I am wearing a pedometer and enter my steps for the entire day.  More great perks?  Every day that you visit the site you can unlock coupons and deals from partner sponsors.  And you can visit your local Walgreens to pick up a free "Walk with Walgreens" kit that includes a free pedometer.  You can also link up with other walkers - you can find me by searching April S. and you'll see the same profile pic.

Do you have some motivational tricks?  I'd love to hear them - please share!  Here's my motivation - can't seem to get this picture out of my head.

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