Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Godiva Party Success - Sick Baby

I've been offline for a few days getting ready to host my Godiva Spirits party and then my Little Man started spiking fevers. He's either fighting a cold or allergies (everything is in bloom around here plus we've been stirring up dusting and allergens with all the cleaning we've been doing). So snuggled up in bed this morning listening to him snore and the thunder and rain outside.

The Godiva party was great and I will post recipes and pics of all the tasty treats by the end of the week. All the Godiva spirits were excellent for both drinks and dessert recipes. While its on the pricey side, I was surprised at how far it went - I still have lots left after serving 16 guests about 8 different samples each. A great couples or girls night theme party!

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