Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something 'bout a Sunday

Stayed up way to late last night hosting an impromptu bonfire for family and friends. Everyone gathered to see my brother who is in for a visit from Minnesota. I'd love to claim pulling out a major hostess spread but after a week with our big convention at work I had nothing left. Gotta love the Taco Bell 12 for $10 - sometimes its just about doing what's easy.

Today we are in recovery. Got a scoop of Zingerman's goat cheese topped with a 1/2 cup canned spaghetti sauce heating in the little cast iron skillet in the oven. That will get served with some cracked wheat crackers.

Also in the oven is a sheet full of pork chops coated in the new Kraft Chili Lime breadcrumbs and cheese mix. Looking good so far!

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