Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Candy Land - use those stale Peeps and that box of stale cereal you know are in the cabinet!

The snow we had yesterday took me back to a fun tradition we have in the winter that can really be done at any time.  We have a tradition of getting together at my mom's during Christmas Break and making "gingerbread house".  Now these are not "real gingerbread houses" so if you have fantasies of creating a Martha  Stewart Victorian gingerbread mansion complete with tinted sugar windows...well...this ain't that kind of post... :)  If, however, you are looking for a fun and creative thing to do as a family and don't mind getting a little messy - keep going.  And don't let the Christmas stuff fool you - this is fun any time of the year and I know you have Peeps and other Easter candy going stale as we speak!  :)


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~Kristin~ said...

Snow, yesterday?
Oh my!
Great idea!