Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pudding Pops and Yogurt Pops

What better way to celebrate the 4th than with homemade frozen treats like popsicles and pudding pops!  Summer's heat is just really starting to kick in and with all that is going on we often don't feel like eating a whole lot but something cool and juicy sounds good.  With that in mind, the kids and I stocked up on some frozen treat making supplies at the store and made the first batch Sunday afternoon.  
Little Man helped with the pudding pops - guess we should have made a double batch because one box only made 5...  This was just chocolate pudding made according to the directions.  Pour it in small plastic cups and plop a stick in the center.
Princess helped with the yogurt pops - one large container of vanilla yogurt placed in the blender.  Then fill the blender the rest of the way (about half yogurt, half juice) with whatever juice sounds good - we used strawberry-peach.  Blend well and then pour into cups and add the sticks.  This made a full blender and about a dozen yogurt pops.  

I like to do homemade popsicles like this in big batches on a cookie sheet and stick the whole deal in my upright freezer in the garage (good thing we are mostly out of venison so there is room for this in the summer!).  They usually get consumed within a couple of days but if they will be there longer, once they are frozen you can put them in 2-gallon ziplock baggies to keep them fresh.  Here's a recipe for a  fruity popsicle you'll love (and it makes enough for that 4th of July crowd too)!

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