Monday, July 29, 2013

Peeks of the Weekend Action

Just in case you think the slow-down on posting means we're resting on our laurels around here, a little photographic evidence to the contrary!  While this would be a lovely little spot to curl up and hide (as the kids often do), I have not had time for more than a momentary perch on these lovely cushions I found on clearance this weekend for less than I could buy one deep seat cushion.  
One bench pad, one seat pad, some rounded up throw pillows I already had and a couple little baskets for tossing odds and ends - makes this a great little spot.  Still to come - hooks for hats, coats and backpacks!
Also on clearance (now's the time to catch those end-of-summer deals!) I bought this fantastic little pub table and stools set I've wanted all summer - half off and matches the new fireplace room floor perfectly!
Then there's those kids still playing hockey every spare minute!  This is my little man and some cousins playing on the back deck at my grandparents while we pour concrete around the corner.
The new glass shelf got installed between the kitchen and fireplace room - can't wait to load it full of pretty dishes.
A trip to the dollar store loaded me up with all sorts of cute storage baskets for the pantry and bathroom closets (I have a helper trying to get in the picture...).
I opened the shed door to a flurry of feathery action - see the baby bird nestled up to the landscape light?  There were at least three in there and momma bird was chirping to angrily for me to get her picture.  I gently closed up the door enough so the cat couldn't get in but enough for them to escape and an hour later they were gone.

While my hanging baskets didn't last long, these planters seem to be doing well enough left mostly on their own at the new house.
And this guy sprung up all on his own and took off gangbusters - we assume he's a pumpkin from rotten pumpkin seeds...

Much more to come as we've been making steady progress and I've got some house reveals, recipes and DIY projects to share!

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Anonymous said...

Man the place looks gorgeous, and great pickups you made on sale!!!