Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Step at a Time

Some days its hard to find something positive.  
Its much easier to focus on what didn't go right, 
what mistakes you made, 
the wrongs that were done to you, 
the unfairness of it all.
Those are the days to find some small positive 
and thank God for that one small positive.  
It might be the roof over your head, 
the shoes on your feet,  
the food on your plate, 
a small favor from a friend,
a well-timed joke or prayer email,
falling into bed with your spouse at the end of the day.  
Or you might need to stop focusing on what is happening in your life 
and look around you 
and realize what others are going through - 
that you are not alone.  
That someone else has been in your shoes 
or is facing the same struggles you are right now.
Someone understands.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
The sun will come up.
Life will still happen.
And you can face it one small step forward at a time.
You might be leaning on friends,
leaning on your faith,
or maybe even crawling,
just keep moving forward.

Holding those in Oklahoma in my prayers.

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Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Such a good reminder!