Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Costume Ideas from your (my) Closet

I often say I'm not going to dress up as anything for Halloween and then I pull something out of my closet at the last minute - what does that say about my wardrobe I wonder?  
Over the years I have pulled together a Victoria riding habit, two scarecrows, Raggedy Ann, Tweety bird (that was actually a costume), a punk rocker, a biker chick, a witch, a gypsy, 
Maxine (that's the white part of a Bic pen in my mouth, not a cigarette), 
a hunter, Amelia Earhardt, a mechanic (more specifically, I was my husband for the day back when he was a mechanic), a princess, 

Mother Nature, 
a pirate, a joker...  I'm sure there are more I am forgetting.  I could have also done Mary Poppins easily this morning but that would have required wearing my heeled boots and why waste a day I can get away with being comfortable at work all day (one of the reasons I created the Maxine costume the year my son was still under a year old, haha!).  
So today I am once again a scarecrow.  An old pair of jeans and garden gloves (forgot them for the picture), a flannel shirt layered with a long-john shirt, a pair of camo hiking boots, a bandanna  and one of those cheapo straw cowboys hats the kids got somewhere with the brim turned down and a piece of felt pinned over the sheriff badge.  Add a little makeup and leave my hair unbrushed and...done.  I'll be warm and toasty and comfortable while I haul the kids around tonight.  I love how the lobby background blends right in with me.
And speaking of the kids, more to come tonight since they have to wait until this afternoon to put their costumes on.  Little Man will be a blue Power Ranger (I think its so he can fight the scary guys) and the Princess now has two different costumes.  One is a vampire queen with a little dress and wings.  And the second is a paper bag head of a leopard she made in class yesterday and her leopard print coat.  She says she can just put the coat and bag on over her other stuff when she wants to change...she's ambitious that one.

So what are you dressing up as?

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Looks like you had fun dressing up!

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