Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Feature and What's Going On!

New House

I am so thrilled to be featured today by Heather at New House, New Home, New Life!  She picked my Rosemary Roast Beef as one of the highlights of last week's All Star Block Party.  If you haven't seen this link party yet, let me assure you the ladies there are not only talented, but some of the sweetest gals I have met in BlogLand. 

And I am sooo happy that gives you something else to check out today because I am barely treading water around here and only have a long list of what's going on around here and no pictures prepared to show you!  The kids had the hardest working hockey skate they have ever had - in fact, I think it is the hardest my kids have ever worked at anything for an hour straight.  Glad they loved every minute of it and had fun.  It was a late night with showers and homework after skating - the morning start was a little rough.

The new furnace install is in day 2 - projected to for sure head to day 3 - hopefully will be done before our cold snap comes on Friday...  Crossing fingers and toes and very thankful that my step-dad is our furnace guy and not only saves us a bundle but is someone we can trust to get it done right. 

The vet came out today and floated horse teeth - would have loved to have 4 extra hands available to get pictures of 5 foot me and the 5 foot young vet propping up my 1000+ pound gelding as he was in his drug induced state of relaxation with a giant power tool in his mouth smoothing out his teeth...  All is good and the vet was happy with the horses and I got compliments about how well behaved they were so I was a proud horse mommy today.

Tonight I have to go help surprise decorate the office of the daycare director and bake brownies to celebrate her 30th birthday.  And I am supposed to bake brownies for my boss after my entire department forgot Sunday was his birthday...thought about making dunce caps for us to wear...  Hopefully I have gas hooked back up tonight or I'll be making another run to town to track down brownies or cakes...

The hubby is preparing to leave on his bow hunting trip to the cabin for a few days.  This usually involves lots of agonizing about having the right stuff packed and what time ride-alongs are meeting up - this time it is throwing things in a bag at midnight last night and agonizing over whether the furnace will be finished before he leaves... mom leaves for 2 weeks in Ireland (I'm trying to bribe her into guest posting her pictures and stories here when she gets back so we can all live vicariously!) which means I have been asked to get my youngest brother halfway across the state to his girlfriend's house for her homecoming.  Fun stuff but it involves an overnight at my sister-in-law's house and a lot of driving and keeping my kids busy.

Prepping for our annual Barn Bash at the cabin too - much more to come on that.  And soooo, I am outta here to go tackle more on the list.  Thank you all so much for reading and visiting and commenting - I enjoy each and every one of you and hope you feel like you find good stuff here.  Thank you again to Heather for featuring my roast recipe!  Have a wonderful fall day!

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