Friday, August 29, 2014

Farmers Market Friday

Happy Friday!  It has been a really long couple of weeks around here so I am so eager for the long weekend at home.  Of course, the project list is a mile long but I have been distracted with the mission of putting up all the seasonal goodies that are abundant (and free or close to it!) this time of year.  

Tomorrow the kids have requested to hit the local blueberry patch one last time so we can freeze a batch of those.  Our generous neighbor (of whose gardening skills I am horribly jealous) has been sharing sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and the most beautiful cabbage.  

This past week my grandma brought me sweet corn after putting up 16 quarts herself.  She brought me enough to fill an entire rubbermaid tub...  I groaned because I didn't really have time to go through all the steps to can it but I couldn't bring myself to turn it down.  Thankfully, as the kids and I were shucking, I remember the FoodSaver my mom bought me for Christmas (Mom to the rescue again!).  That thing allowed me to get it all processed in just a couple of hours.  No pictures though - no time for that!
The variety of farm market goods is also starting to expand and prices tend to go down a bit as the produce is more available and more people at the same market are offering it.  We were able to get this great haul for a grand total of $11!  Here's how it works out:

1 quart green beans .50
4 candy onions $1
3 red onions $1
1 sandwich bag snap peas $1
1 sandwich bag orange cherry tomatoes $1
1 orange tomato .50
2 green peppers $1
1 handful Kale $2
1 large quart tomatoes - red & 1 heirloom $2
2 rubberband bracelets $1 (These were being made by a young man about 7 years old and he displayed them very cutely on toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  I had to support a young entrepreneur and I had my 5 year old purchase them himself - both boys were quite proud of themselves.) 

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