Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Blog?

I have certainly been neglectful this summer.  
Life has come at a dizzying pace 
and I have been doing my best to just stay upright.  
And to work in a little fun when we have that moment to breathe.  
The kids stuck with us during a hectic (long, boring for them) summer of house renovations last summer so we finally delivered on our promise 
to take a family trip to Michigan’s Adventure 
(which was totally awesome and so much fun to have 
kids big enough to go on most of the rides).  
We’ve had some bonfires, trips to the cabin, holidays with friends, 
a little horseback riding, blueberry picking,
farm market Saturday mornings, a few little projects,
a lot of wood splitting, more hockey, and even some naps.  
And now is gearing up for school and hunting and all our favorite fall activities. 
My sweet baby boy starts kindergarten and is both excited and nervous.  
This will be the first time in a few years I have the first day off school so I can be there to start and end his big day.  His preschool is having a graduation in a couple of weeks and they have been busy with secret projects to make us parents cry. 
I know a slideshow is involved because I was asked if I had pictures from some of the school events I helped plan and I found some pictures of him with his 3 best friends who have been together since they were all babies 
(I have already sniffed a few times…). 
My beautiful daughter is starting to edge a little taller than me at 10 
(yes, I know I’m short…I’ve learned to be ok with it…
and how to climb on the cabinets to reach the top shelf…).  
Grandma took her to the salon for a haircut 
(one of those things they love to do together
and she chose to get bangs which she has not had for a long time.  
It’s like she blossomed into a teen overnight 
(well she’s had the teenager mood swings for a while now but…).  
She is excited to start school and wants to start band this year – 
and she has great musical talent and long graceful fingers perfect for playing an instrument and I know she will love it.
The weather has been wonderful for the hay, garden and perfectly timed for the things we wanted to do – and surprisingly not too bad for bugs. 
The goat has eaten my strawberry plants every time he has escaped 
but the garden is starting to bear gifts 
(can you see my little photo bomber?).  
The kids have had fun learning what we do with the items nature gives us – 
the morels carefully hunted in the woods, the zucchini from our lone plant, the little pickling cucumbers and purple beans coming a handful at a time, 

the herbs in our pots around the porch, the tomatoes which are just starting to ripen, the gifts of sweet corn and cabbage from our awesome neighbors.
We have had a chance to get a few projects done outside 
but have not done it with the fervor we attacked the inside of the house last summer.  
Instead we have chosen to take our lead feet off the gas a little 
and enjoy the simpler things in life – like smelling the roses.  
Stay tuned tomorrow for part II…

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