Monday, August 25, 2014

My Baby is Moving On

 Today, this little guy graduates preschool.
With a lot more hair,
a pair of dimples that only come out when he gives his most charming grin,
and an awesome sense of humor.
He's pounds heavier,
feet taller,
knows a lot of big words
(and a couple naughty ones, bad momma),
is sweet and caring, 
and is super smart.
He's still my snuggler and loves to practice his charms on his momma first
(and yes, they work every time).
He is beyond excited to move on to kindergarten
and worked really hard to get ready for his graduation.
I have no doubt he will make me laugh and cry today
(probably both at the same time).
I'm glad he's ready - look out world, here he comes!

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