Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trying to Re-Balance

Part II…click here for Part I

We spent this summer catching up on the fun things and re-balancing life.  
Sitting around the bonfire with good friends, new and old, 
and talking about our country lives and telling stories of our youths.  
A weekend at the cabin getting to know new friends better – 
with a dozen happy, dirty kids sifting through the sand for artifacts from the past, chasing fireflies, riding quads, nature hikes, 
chicken on the outdoor brick grill.  
Climbing sand hills in the trucks and having to pull one out.
Watching movies snuggled on the couch in the air conditioning 
on a hot lazy summer afternoon.  
Laughing at each other’s facial expressions as we zoom down the big hill on the roller coaster and overcome our fears on the water slides.

What an awesome gift each of these things.  
It is so easy to take each one for granted.  
But don’t.  
The choices we make should be conscious ones – 
don’t get sucked into “obligations” that aren't truly obligations 
instead of taking your daughter for a walk in the woods 
(you might have missed her excitement at finding that tiny fawn)
Sit still and really look around you 
(right here just for a minute - I promise the world won't fall apart).  
Breathe the air and reflect on where you time has been spent.  
Is your time and energy spent on the things it should be?  
Sure there are things you “have” to do.  
But are you spending all your time on those 
and are they really things you “have” to do?
Weed the garden because you love spending time outside, 
not to have the picture-perfect yard like your neighbor.  
Go for a run because you love to run, 
not because some schedule says you have to 
or so you can maintain that size zero 
when your little one is begging for someone to play with the Legos.  
(notice no picture of me running
Play hockey because you feel that thrill every time your foot hits the ice 
and the smile doesn't leave your face until you are too exhausted to smile anymore.  
Schedule your kids for sports because they love that sport 
and they can handle it the schedule – 
not because you are secretly comparing your kids 
and their activities to your best friend’s kid.  
Remodel the bathroom because it drives you nuts and you totally hate it 
not because  you feel pressure to switch to a new theme because that’s “what’s in”.  
Color your hair because it makes you feel like a million bucks 
not because your brother made fun of the handful of grays starting to show through. 
Blog because you love to write and share parts of yourself with others 
not to hit a certain number of followers...
Live life for you and yours – not anyone else’s.

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Ed Hanover said...

What a wonderful article, we all need that reminder, and time goes waay too fast, believe me, and I'm so glad you realize it and to share your wisdom with all of us.