Monday, June 30, 2014

Hockey Memory Jar for Boys

My son loves a project and loves to be a helper - he's 5 so I don't expect that to last more than a couple more years but I am taking advantage while I can.  He was all excited about doing a memory jar and came up with the idea of doing a hockey jar (big surprise right...not...).  

He had a little plastic hockey figure that was originally a cake decoration that he played with after the birthday.  This little figure had broken off his base so he didn't stand up on his own anymore and he had lost his stick.  But that's no reason to discard a hockey player in our house.  So he had been floating around the bottom of the toy box for a while but my son knew right where to find him.  
We also had one of those small salt dough projects my son made at school that he had stamped his initial into and painted blue.  The edges were starting to crumble but art projects are also something we have a hard time parting ways with so we decided to use this as the "ice" for the hockey guy to skate on.  We started with some white sand in the bottom of the jar and a few blue decorator glass beads - the kind that you add to floral vases.  Then we put his dried blue salt dough piece on top, added a couple of fancy toothpicks and a little H candle (his initial) leftover from a set of birthday candles for some vertical interest, placed the hockey guy to look like he is skating, and added a little black button "puck".  
He also added some Detroit Red Wings stickers to the outside of the jar.  We put a lid on top to ensure if this gets tipped over in his room it won't be a mess.  He is thrilled and it makes a cute decoration on his dresser to add to his hockey bedroom theme.  

To see the fairy jar his sister made, visit here.

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