Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fairies: Recreate the Land of Lost Things

Children love "found things".  
Every small object found on a sidewalk or on the floor of the bus 
or in the parking lot of the daycare has great potential.  
My daughter has a grand collection of the "lost things" 
she has found over the years 
and finds it very difficult to part ways with any of them.  

In my Pinterest perusals 
I discovered creative folks making these very sweet "memory jars" 
Keepsake jar
Could not trace back to the original pin.

memories in a jar - I've seen these done for specific vacations/trips, but I like the idea of collecting different (related?) items from the past into a jar. Putting them in a jar would let me display them on shelves - and display them, period.
Originally from
Sweet idea for creating a DIY memory jar by Echoes of Laughter
From Echoes of Laughter
and it struck me that this would be a great way to corral 
all those tiny little things that hold memories by sorting them into themes.  
So I purchased a small bag of white sand in the craft section 
of my local Dollar Tree for $1.  I have a large supply of quart-sized canning jars and old lids no longer suitable for canning 
so I dug those out of storage. 
We poured part of the sand in the bottom of the jar 
(there was enough for 3 of these projects in one bag).  
We came up with the theme of the Neverland Fairies "lost things" 
so I sent my daughter off to her room to find the two canning jars 
she already had full of her rock collection 
and any other small goodies floating around.  
She came back with the jars, some feathers, a tiny bear, and 
three of the Disney fairies plastic ornaments.  
I also dug out my button container that had several little plastic gems 
and small beads from broken jewelry and hair things 
she could never part ways with.
She added the larger rocks and then other stones first, 
then added small objects, beads and gems.  
Then she propped the feathers together against the back, sorta like trees.
To hang the fairies, I took the strings and 
wrapped them over the edge of the flat lid, taped them into place 
and then put the ring over the top.  
I had my daughter hold the lid in place by 
pushing down firmly while I spun the ring tight 
so the fairies wouldn't move and then we removed the tape.
We both loved the final affect!  
Now she's sorting her "found things" into groups to do more of these - 
we are thinking a series will look adorable all lined up 
on a shelf or two in her room.  

Visit here to see what my little hockey boy did for his jar...

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