Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where Pretty Comes From

I saw this posted by my niece the other day 
and it made me want to have yet another talk with my daughter 
about all of the things that make her special.

Pretty is definitely there - but its not the only thing, 
the biggest thing, or the most important thing.

When we are little girls, a lot of the praise and attention we receive 
centers around how pretty or cute we are.
Not that its meant that way, 
but the term "cute" is used for any number of things we do that charm others.

And then comes that awkward phase
when we start to realize that our bodies are changing
or we go through other experiences that make us self-conscious.
We cling to our hoodies and sweatpants
and try not to let anyone take our picture.

Some of us try very hard for a while not to look cute
to deflect unwanted physical attention from the opposite sex.
We don't know how we want to be defined.
We don't know how others think of us.

So we look to them to define us.
And when the talk switches to how smart or funny, or talented we are,
We take that to mean we are no longer cute or pretty.
And we also hear all this feedback about how we are supposed to look.
And if we don't fit that celebrity mold 
we think that means someone else is prettier and we worry over it.
Its a comparison game.

But the thing about beauty is that old saying
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
There are some who think of beauty in a different way.
An attraction to the soul.
And beauty radiates from within so often.
Like that glow of a new mother - 
beauty stems from love and passion.
Those who have a passion for life, a passion for knowledge,
a passion for helping others, a passion for the Lord - 
They just radiate that beauty.

And that love and passion is what attracts another.
Physical passion, physical beauty is fleeting.
The passion of true love is steady and strong and bright.
It is easily visible to those around it
and draws those who share the same passion and love.

Feeling pretty is about confidence in your passion - 
whatever that may be.
"Pretty is as pretty does."
Because all people are beautiful when they are
content and assured that they are giving their best
to what they love.

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