Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee Stand Makeover

This little coffee stand came to me through my mom.  It has been a number of different colors over the years - always serving to hold coffee pots of microwaves and the little drawer full of little whats-its.  

Though much loved, by the time it came to the house (with a load of other goodies here - its top is sitting nearby) it no longer had its hardware, looked a little chewed around the legs, and was fairly bumpy from its many coats of paint.  An hour with the sander, repairing the piece of wood that controls the slide of the drawer, and some leftover paint from the dining room and its charm shines through.

While it is now pretty smooth, I wanted it to show its history a bit so I didn't sand it down as far as I could have.  I found these neat little drawer pulls for a couple dollars that mimic the bumpy character of the paint.  The porcelain top has a couple small rubbed spots in the corner but is in great shape and has grooves that allow it to sit firmly in the right spot.

It fits perfectly on this short wall next to the pantry.  The coffee stuff is conveniently in the pantry next to it, teas and other drink mixes fill the drawer and some tins on the shelf above it, and kitchen towels are stored in the bottom part.  

It adds a pop of color to break up the green of the cabinets on the opposite wall and with the dining room doorway just to the left of the pantry, and it brings in a bit of the blue from that room (Valspar Signature in Royal Gray).  

I most love the little porcelain top that makes it easy to wipe any spills without worrying about coffee and tea stains.

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Bibba said...

Gorgeous! love the color